Information CAPA 2020 – CAPA 2021

The health and safety of our attendees are definitely our most utmost priority. So, in a time of great concern and uncertainty associated with the COVID19 virus both nationally and internationally, Beitostølen Healthsports Center and the organizing committee of the CAPA 2020 symposium have made the following decision:

The CAPA 2020 Symposium has been postponed to 2021.

It will now be the CAPA 2021 Symposium. The new dates are:

Tuesday 1st of June 2021; The National APA seminar

Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th of June; The International Symposium CAPA 2021

The CAPA 2021 Symposium is placed the week after the EACD Conference in Barcelona; 26th – 29th of May 2021.

Our plan is to conduct the symposium in the same way we had planned for the CAPA 2020 symposium.

We hope that you will be able to join us in 2021, but we know that individual plans and possibilities can change. Therefore,

  • Those who have already signed up and paid the registration fee will have it refunded back to the account number the payment was made from. Refunds will be made within approximately two weeks.
  • Those who have booked accommodation at the conference hotel, please contact the hotel directly and cancel your booking. This is done free of charge.

The new web address for CAPA 2021 becomes;

This will be operational from 15.06.2020 and new registrations will be on offer from 15th of November.

For any question, please send an email to;

Take care, pay attention to our new website during fall, and welcome to Beitostølen the first week in June 2021.


Beitostølen 19.03.2020

Tor Erik Heyerdahl Nyquist


About the Symposium

Over the last two decades, international clinical and scientific work has increased the understanding of the concept of participation, developed a range of suitable instruments for measuring participation and designed interventions to promote participation outcomes for people with disabilities. The CAPA 2020 Symposium “Capturing the magic – participation for all“ will showcase the current state of the evidence in the field of disability and rehabilitation and highlight clinical benefits and opportunities. Because the Symposium aims to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Beitostølen Healthsports Center (BHC), and Adapted Physical Activity (APA) is the primary intervention provided at BHC for enhancing participation in people with disabilities, the magic of group-based APA will have a special focus in the Symposium.

By bringing together nine Keynote Speakers, all leading researchers in the field, with emerging and other established researchers and practitioners, the Symposium will provide a forum for discussion of scientific development and clinical improvements in the field of rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

The Symposium will, in cooperation with the international scientific journal, Disability & Rehabilitation, publish a Special Edition, "State of the art of participation research", based on the scientific content of the Symposium. Symposium participants will be invited to contribute to writing articles for consideration for publication in the Special Edition. To facilitate this process, writing workshops will occur for small groups, organized around the themes of the conference and led by the Keynote speakers. These workshops aim to assist participants to work together to prepare manuscripts for submission for review.

Time will be allocated to visit and experience the rehabilitation activities that take place at Beitostølen Healthsports Center.


The Symposium Objectives
The participants of this Symposium will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills that can promote optimal participation outcomes for those experiencing disability.

The core topics of the Symposium are as follows:

  • Participation- constructs, measurement, and interventions
  • Participation trajectories
    • Key lifespan transition issues
    • Factors influencing longitudinal outcomes
    • Lived experience of participation
  • Organizing health care services to support participation outcomes in the field of rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities.


On behalf of Beitostølen Healthsports Center (BHC) I am proud to wish you all welcome to BHC and our Symposium. In 2020 BHC has its 50 years anniversary, and the symposium is an important part of our celebration this year. It will confirm our international position in the field of re-/habilitation, and I really hope to see You at the symposium, together with some fantastic keynote speakers in some fantastic surroundings!

Astrid Nyquist

Astrid Nyquist
Director BHC

Keynote and Invited Speakers